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Our Mission

Our mission at Robin Records is to bring the sounds of Power-Pop music to the world...to join with other pop music organizations to create a united front in introducing music full of harmonies, guitars, great vocals, keyboards and terrific melodies. With the release of Global by The Cowsills, we feel we have taken a significant first step in fulfilling that mission. Global contains 11 original Power-Pop songs that we feel best exemplifies the type of music Robin Records is interested in bringing to Power-Pop fans everywhere. Robin Records was founded to provide an avenue for the distribution of quality Power-Pop music in the 90's and beyond.

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The Goal of Robin Records

The immediate goal of Robin Records is to establish itself as an internet presence and to ensure that Global by The Cowsills becomes one of the top CD’s to arrive via the World Wide Web. We believe that the internet is the new frontier and we are excited about being a part of it. A recent study stated that while it took 38 years for radios to be used by 50 million U.S. users and 13 years for televisions, the Web is exploding at more than twice that rate. Robin Records is here by choice...this is where the action is and this is where Power-Pop music lives and grows.

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