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And The Cowsills Are Back With An Album Available Only On The Internet

Sites + Sounds'SILL THE ONE: Remember the Cowsills? The all-in-the family band that provided a blueprint for the Partridge Family is back in action 30 years after it's pop hitmaking heyday, with it's own label and album, which can only be found on the Internet.

Both Robin Records ( and the album "Global" launched seven months ago and have been building a steady following among fans and industry insiders. "Getting a contract isn't easy these days" says founding member Bob Cowsill. "Labels like our music, but they don't know what to do with us. We are saying, 'Our audience is out there. We know how to market to them, and we want to show you what we mean by that.' The internet takes us to people, puts us in a position where we can be reviewed, get acknowledged."

Cowsill says thus far a number of label executives have downloaded song samples from the site and requested review copies. He adds that the band could well build a bridge back to traditional distribution. "The first part of our plan is to use the Internet to get the word out that we are here and making music", he says.

As for Robin, Cowsill says the label will look to sign other pop acts.

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