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The Cowsills 1967 (15016 bytes)Back in the early 1960's,  four brothers who wanted to be The Beatles formed a band called The Cowsills. The original Cowsills consisted of Bill on guitar, Bob on guitar and organ, Barry on bass and John on drums. Early gigs were at school dances and churches around their home in Newport, RI. Eventually, as their harmonic sound was perfected, they got a regular gig on Bannisters Wharf in Newport where they would sing Beatle songs for hours. Early recordings were released by the four brothers on Mercury Records.  Barbara ("mini-mom") joined the group to record The Rain, The Park and Other Things and shortly thereafter 7 year old Susan and brother, Paul, were added to the group. They were signed by MGM records and the group began it's ride to fame!

The Cowsills enjoyed great success during the late 60's and in to the very early 70's not only with their music but appearing as guests on many TV shows and even hosting their own TV special. They were approached to do a TV series but the producers had already signed an actress to play the mother on the series so it was a no go for The Cowsills. What was the series?  It was The Partridge Family.  The Cowsills disbanded in the early 1970s but most of them have never really left the music business and various members have regrouped through the years.

Cowsills Today (9644 bytes)Flash forward to the 1990s when a few years back some of The Cowsills (Bob, Paul, John and Susan) again regrouped. This time they were going to hit the oldies circuit but somehow playing just oldies didn't appeal to them.  They had too much fun on some new material written by Bob and his wife, Mary Jo. So,  this incarnation of The Cowsills started playing small clubs and showcases in the Los Angeles area and across the country.  They generated great reviews from the critics and fans alike. The Cowsills also went back into the studio and Global is a result of those sessions.

For more information on The Cowsills, visit The Cowsills Web Page.

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