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The Cowsills "Global"
(Robin Records 81562)

Incredible to think that 30 years on from their hit-making days, the grown up Cowsills should return with such a magnificent album. "Is It Any Wonder" which was featured on the first Yellow Pills compilation gave an early indication that something really special was on it’s way. That song brought back that original frisson that I remembered experiencing when I first heard "You Were So Warm" on that first Dwight Twilley album, it emanates that same majestic warmth. The album has a wonderfully lush sound, through which the magical vocal blend and spot-on instrumentation entraps the listener. The songs are hook-filled and instantly memorable. Though by now far from his teens, Bob Cowsill (often with his wife Mary Jo) has penned some classic pop numbers which manage to capture both a state of mature reflection and an innocent sense of wonder. He is also a great pop vocalist often recalling Dwight Twilley, while Susan Cowsill’s vocal delivery is both vulnerable and sassy, listen to her bite on "Far Away"; the song itself is a wonderful mixture of Beatles and Rumour period Fleetwood Mac. The guitars, while not over dominant, often recall the heights attained on the "Flamin’ Groovies Now" album, from the bedrock rhythm guitars to the crystal clear 12 strings. The album closes with the positively nostalgic "Some Good Years", a number which includes some perfect Beach Boys styled harmonies.

I’ve now lived with this album for 10 days and I can’t seem to play anything else. This is either a sign of benign madness or the mark of a truly great album; I’ll let you decide.

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