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Lowell (MA) Sun
Fall 1998

The Cowsills back in fine style

"GLOBAL", The Cowsills
(Robin Records)
by Steve White

No matter whether The Cowsills were your cup of tea back in the '60s, there was no denying that when you listend to songs like "Hair" and "The Rain, The Park and Other Things", you couldn't help but appreciate the superb production and pinpoint harmonies.

This Newport, R.I. based family hasn't done much for awhile, which is why it's so surprising that their new release, Global, is an absolute gem, an extremely impressive CD packed with the same great hooks and great production values.

Songs like "What About Love", with John and Paul Cowsill handling the vocals, and Susan Cowsill's great voice ringing out on "Under the Gun" (with The Bangles' Vicki Peterson helping out) are simply terrific tracks, complete with a fresh '90s sound that out-classes a lot of today's music from kids who may not be old enough to remember that The Cowsills were the model for TV's The Partridge Family. Check it out and enjoy.


© 1998 Steve White and Lowell Sun

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